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An Explorer’s Guide to Sunny Park

Whether you’re a regular to Sunnybank or a newbie looking for inspiration, here’s our curated guide to exploring Sunny Park and it’s thriving dining scene. There are so many restaurants and eateries at Sunny Park it’s hard to know what to choose. Whether you’re looking to treat your tastebuds to the spices of Sichuan food, feast on flavoursome Vietnamese favourites or even get your chopsticks into a steaming bowl of Japanese ramen, Sunny Park has it all. Read on and you’ll soon have the knowledge of a local!

Explore the Dining Deck

Orange Tea shopfront

Orange Tea

From bubble teas to natural fruit teas and creamy milk teas, Orange Tea is heaven for tea lovers. This popular tea spot is also known for using no preservatives, no artificial colours and flavours in all their drinks. The crew create tea flavours you’re sure to love – we’re talking Smoked Oolong Tea Latte, Fig Jelly Citrus Lemon Frappe and their Earl Grey Milk Tea topped with Italian gelato! Another plus? This bad boy is open until 10:30pm, so it’s perfect for those late-night bubble tea cravings!

Thumbnail seafoodhotpot

Seafood Hot Pot Buffet

Hey hot pot enthusiasts, want a unique and exciting way to simmer your dinner? Then a stop at Sunny Park’s Seafood Hot Pot Buffet is a must. Step inside the bright and modern eatery to find fridges and shelves filled with a wide variety of fresh ingredients. Each person pays a set price and then has two hours to eat as many delicious hot pot additions and sides as they can. After choosing from seven different broth flavours, the soup is brought to your table and placed on the embedded electric stove. As your soup bubbles away, it is time to choose your hot pot additions. Think eggs, offal, sliced meats, dumplings, poultry, tofu, fungi, green veggies, meatballs, fish, crab meat, noodles and much, much more. There are also different stations where chefs cut, slice and dice different types of raw meats for your bubbling soup.

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Fortune Well Sichuan Restaurant Gallery 1

Fortune Well Sichuan Restaurant

This restaurant is a magnet for Brisbanities seeking the depth and complexity of Sichuan food. Satisfy your cravings for spicy, salty, sticky or sweet –  this restaurant has it all. Think steaming chilli hot pots, sizzling Sichuan pepper laden stir-fries, live seafood ready to be picked and fresh crunchy Chinese salads. Menu stand-outs include their deep-fried beef diced with crispy chilli – a mouth-watering dish made with tender meat that’s crispy on the outside, or try their stir-fried cumin lamb that’s uber fragrant and juicy. The restaurant is famed for its chef’s special fish fillets – a porcelain hot pot that’s filled with tender basa fillets that are marinated, boiled and served with a deeply flavoursome broth, hot oil, chilli and lots of Sichuan peppers.

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Ren Yakiniku Food Gallery 2

Ren Yakiniku

If you’re dreaming of cooking wagyu over sizzling coals while sipping on ice-cold Japanese beer – this is the place for you! Based on eateries you’ll find tucked away in the alleys of Tokyo, this restaurant specialises in yakiniku – the Japanese style of grilling bite size pieces of meat. Unlike other restaurants, where the food is cooked in the kitchen, your chosen feast is a DIY affair –  which means you’ll be grilling and charring tender juicy meats at your table. There are two ways of dining at Ren Yakiniku: an all-you-can-eat buffet or a la carte. For the buffet, you can order as many dishes as you like for 90 minutes of dining. The buffet menu spans from wagyu beef, chicken thighs and pork belly to agedashi tofu, salmon sashimi and prawn tempura. The options are countless, and truly delicious.

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Golden Dumpling Gallery 1

Golden Dumpling

Steamed, fried or floating in broth, dumpling lovers will find all their dreams come true with Golden Dumpling’s famous fluffy pillows of goodness. Whether you fancy them stuffed with minced pork and chives, fresh fish or mushroom and chicken, this restaurant will deliver. Their signature menu items are their pan-fried dumplings, which are juicy and succulent in the middle and golden on the outside, as well as their wonton dumpling soup. The restaurant has more than 30 different types of dumplings – each bursting with fresh flavours. Once you’ve chosen your dumpling filling, all you need to do is decide whether you want them steamed, pan-fried or swimming in a delicious wonton soup.

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That Viet Place Food Thumbnail

That Viet Place

Emulating the flavours and soul of traditional Vietnamese cooking, That Viet Place is a must visit. Peruse the menu at the restaurant and you’ll find all the usual Vietnamese suspects from warming pho to fresh rice paper rolls and flavoursome vermicelli noodles. Tantalise your tastebuds with That Viet Place’s flavoursome crab and pork noodle soup, which arrives on your table heaped high with fresh Vietnamese mint and bean shoots. Or sink your teeth into the eatery’s freshly made rice paper rolls filled with fresh prawns, noodles, cucumber and mint.

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Ramen Champion Food Thumbnail

Ramen Champion

If you’re all about diving into a classic tonkotsu pork broth or keen to delve into bowls of housemade noodles, then make sure you step inside this Tokyo-style eatery. The must-try dishes? The Smokey Champion made with their special smokey pork broth and topped with flame grilled pork slices, nori, half an egg, spring onions and bean shoots. Or order the Black Champion made with their special pork broth and topped with flame grilled pork slices, nori, half an egg, spring onions, bean shoots and garlic sauce.

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Explore other restaurants at Sunny Park

superoll gallery 04


Superoll is a vegetarian restaurant that blends ancient Chinese cooking techniques with contemporary plant-based dishes. From fresh and tasty superolls, to flavoursome stir-fried noodles and steaming bowls of vegan soup – this is Chinese food at its most fun and adventurous. Try creative dishes such as the ‘Himalayas’, which is a Sichuan-style spicy stew made with Napa cabbage, sliced lotus roots, cloud ear fungus, mushrooms, enoki mushrooms, bean curd sheets, konjac balls, textured soy protein and glass noodles. The bright and airy space is superhero themed, complete with colourful words like “boom” and “zing” pasted on the walls. This is the place to visit to experience Sunnybank’s new style of restaurants where old-meets-new.

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Slider Ritual Parkland 02

Parkland Restaurant

Explore the depth and variety of Chinese flavours at Parkland, your go-to restaurant for quintessential Cantonese-inspired dishes. Along with mud crabs, lobsters and silver fish from the tanks, and juicy roast duck and barbequed pork from the hanging racks, Parkland’s chefs make all the hallmarks of China’s most widely exported cuisine, including Mongolian lamb, salt-and-pepper lobster tails, crispy skin garlic chicken, and chicken and cashew. The restaurant also creates its own impressive style of Yum Cha, available both day and night. Ranging from BBQ pork buns to Chinese vegetarian steamed rice noodles to pig’s blood jelly and pan fried pork dumplings, Parkland has an impressive list of more than 80 different dim sum.

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Glamorous Wok Food Thumbnail

Glamorous Wok

A cult favourite tucked away in Sunny Park, this restaurant is dedicated to serving traditional Taiwan eats to Brisbanites. Laying claim to some of the most impressive and comprehensive Taiwanese food in Brisbane, the chefs cook up everything from traditional stir fries and noodle soups to fried chicken and bubble tea. Grab the restaurant’s hefty menu to find options ranging from hot pots, hot plates, deep fried and grilled dishes, as well as seafood, meat, soups, rice and noodle dishes. Standouts include the five spices salty pork, deep fried king oyster mushrooms, golden prawns and vermicelli noodles and sizzling black pepper beef.

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southsidebistro gallery 06

Southside Bistro

This cute little café and bistro celebrates the marrying of centuries-old Asian cuisine with modern Australian dishes. The laid back and rustic cafe serves up superb coffee, homemade cakes and a menu bursting with unique flavours and textures. The cafe is known for their crispy ramen burger, sizzling chocolate brownies and its super crunchy and indulgent duck-fat french fries with bulgogi aioli. A visit to Southside Bistro isn’t complete without trying their signature braised pork belly with apple and Sichuan pepper puree, cherry salsa and miso and maple pears. Or order their fluffy bao burgers stuffed with kimchi beef, panko crumbed pork or peanut butter tofu. If you’re after a sweet kick, the bistro serves an amazing array of desserts. Think milk tea fondant with butterscotch ice cream, matcha bombe alaska with red bean puree and taro panna cotta.

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Top Up Korean Takeaway Food Thumbnail

Top-Up Korean Takeaway

Craving Korean food? Look no further! Whether you’re ducking in for a quick lunch or wanting to feast with friends, Top-Up Korean Takeaway is the go-to for authentic Korean fare. Running for more than 10 years, the restaurant is well-known for its traditional recipes that have big bold flavours. From sizzling bulgogi, spicy beef soup and colourful bibimbap cooked in a hot stone dish, Top-Up has all the Korean classics, plus some dishes you may not have heard of before, like their Korean blood sausage soup and seafood soft tofu hot pot.

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Thumbnail hanazushi

Hana Zushi

Whether it’s platters of sashimi, sushi rolls, steaming bowls of udon noodles, or roast seafood served in ceramic hot plates, lovers of quality Japanese food will find it all at Hana Zushi. Step inside the stylish modern restaurant and you’ll find an open kitchen filled with talented Japanese sushi masters who are intricately slicing fresh fish, carefully assembling each ingredient and presenting their modern creations atop Japanese plates. Don’t leave without trying their sashimi platters with an assortment of the freshest sashimi or their flame grilled wagyu beef topped with truffle sauce.

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A world of Asian flavour sensations awaits you!

Prepare to delight your tastebuds with all the flavours of Asia. With over 60 dining and entertainment options, Sunnybank Plaza and Sunny Park are an authentic Asian food experience like no other.

You’ll find an extensive choice of dining options including Chinese, Hong Kong style, Taiwanese, Vietnamese, Korean, and Japanese cuisines.

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