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Top-Up Korean Takeaway

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Prime your tastebuds for the big, bold flavours of Korea at Sunny Park’s Top-Up Korean Takeaway. 

Whether you’re ducking in for a quick lunch or wanting to feast with friends, this eatery should be your go-to for authentic Korean fare. Running for more than 10 years, the restaurant is well-known for its traditional recipes. From sizzling bulgogi, spicy beef soup and colourful bibimbap cooked in a hot stone dish, Top-Up has all the Korean classics, plus some dishes you may not have heard of before, like their Korean blood sausage soup and seafood soft tofu hot pot. 

Based on traditional Korean home-style cooking, owner Yong and his team of chefs dish up the flavours and aromas of the country. Top-Up is loved by both the Korean community and those outside of it. 

Each dish displays an array of colours and textures that Korea is well-known for. Menu favourites include the hot pot bulgogi, which is classic Korean marinated beef strips that are served in a hot pot with beef broth, vegetables and a serve of rice. 

If you’re new to Korean food and don’t know what to order, then try their well-loved bibimbap – a hot stone bowl layered with rice, meats, vegetables, pickles and sunny-yolked egg with plenty of fiery hot sauce. When it hits your table it sizzles; grab your chopsticks and mix it all together before taking a bite. Glorious!

All of the dishes come with a free side of spicy kimchi – it’s a Korean tradition – which is a delicious combination of fermented cabbage and chilli.

Popular Dish

Hot stone pot bibimbap

Challenge Dish

Hot pot bulgogi

Signature Dish

Seafood soft tofu hot pot

Restaurant Information

Shop 9 & 17, Sunny Park Shopping Centre
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