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Golden Dumpling

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As the name suggests, this place is all about the glorious dumpling. 

Steamed, fried or floating in broth, dumpling lovers will find all their dreams come true with Golden Dumpling’s famous fluffy pillows of goodness. Whether you fancy them stuffed with minced pork and chives, fresh fish or mushroom and chicken, this restaurant will deliver.

Their signature menu items are their pan-fried dumplings, which are juicy and succulent in the middle and golden on the outside, as well as their wonton dumpling soup. The restaurant has more than 30 different types of dumplings – each bursting with fresh flavours. Once you’ve chosen your dumpling filling, all you need to do is decide whether you want them steamed, pan-fried or swimming in a delicious wonton soup. 

The restaurant’s open kitchen creates their handmade dumplings daily, and diners can watch the masters hand-roll, steam and fry each dumpling to perfection through the glass. One aspect of the dumpling-making process is creating the dough, which has six different steps that the chefs need to make. Once the dough is formed, they use an old family secret recipe to prepare the filling. 

“Dumpling-making has been in our family for many generations,” owner Andy said. “My family has been making dumplings for more than 100 years”.  Andy and his family opened their very first Golden Dumpling in China almost 30 years ago, and now own several different dumpling restaurants. The Sunnybank venue is their only Golden Dumpling restaurant in Australia. 

Along with dumplings, the restaurant serves other standouts like handmade noodles, Chinese pancakes, traditional Chinese salads as well as pan-fried barbecue pork buns, which are stuffed with juicy pork belly.

Popular Dish

Chive and pork dumplings

Challenge Dish

Pork and Chinese cabbage dumplings

Signature Dish

Chicken and mushroom dumplings

Restaurant Information

Shop 47, Sunny Park Shopping Centre
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