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Ren Yakiniku

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A shrine for succulent and tender grilled meats, Ren Yakiniku is all about cooking wagyu over sizzling coals while sipping on ice-cold beer.

Step inside this bustling Japanese eatery tucked away in Sunny Park and you’ll find the place packed with diners throwing chunks of meat on rows of thick-ridged grills that are built on each table. The space is authentic, electric and welcoming. Based on eateries you’ll find tucked away in the alleys of Tokyo, this place specialises in yakiniku – the Japanese style of grilling bite size pieces of meat. And it sure is a meat lovers’ paradise.

Unlike other restaurants, where the food is cooked in the kitchen, your chosen feast is a DIY affair –  which means you’ll be grilling and charring tender juicy meats at your table. There are two ways of dining at Ren Yakiniku: an all-you-can-eat buffet or a la carte. For the buffet, you can order as many dishes as you like for 90 minutes of dining. The buffet menu spans from wagyu beef, chicken thighs and pork belly to agedashi tofu, salmon sashimi and prawn tempura. The options are countless, and truly delicious.

The a la carte menu is different but includes Japanese classics like sashimi platters, teriyaki chicken and obi tempura, or you can order platters of wagyu beef and other meats to barbecue. 

Sizzling your own meats is a whole lot of fun, but if you’re new to Japanese grilling, the staff can help you.

Popular Dish

Wagyu Beef

Challenge Dish

Spicy Pork

Signature Dish

Pork Belly

Restaurant Information

Shop 45, Sunny Park Shopping Centre
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