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Your Personal Chef

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Enter this dimly lit joint and you’ll find Sunnybank’s Your Personal Chef, an eatery serving contemporary, inventive and quietly traditional Cantonese dishes. 

Born out of an idea that occurred during a trip to China, co-owner Angel said the restaurant was based on the trendy eateries from her home country. With low-slung fluorescent bulbs and popular cult cartoons covering the walls, Your Personal Chef is a restaurant that’s like no other in Sunnybank. “We were inspired by the restaurants that we were eating at in China that catered for the younger generation and were fun,” Angel said. 

The menu is filled with modern interpretations of classic Cantonese and Sichuan food, which is twisted to form innovative and “instagrammable” dishes. “We want diners to be surprised when the food comes out,” Angel said. “We want the food to look too good to eat.” 

Oozing with quirky yet delicious food choices, the menu ranges from an assortment of Chinese dishes like gourmet pork ribs to deep fried king prawns and braised duck in five spices. You can expect adventurous options like the fried pork topped with blue ‘avatar’ sauce and clam and tofu soup served in a glass teapot. Whatever you end up ordering, we absolutely insist that you get the eel fried rice that is moulded into the shape of a shark and looks like it’s swimming on your plate – it’s divine. 

The drinks menu is just as unique and modern as the food. Try the bright purple lemon, lime and mint soda or their iced green tea with cream.

Popular Dish

Mahjong coconut pudding

Challenge Dish

Steamed eggplant with red chilli

Signature Dish

Cutie eel fried rice

Restaurant Information

Shop 90D, Sunnybank Plaza
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Your Personal Chef Shopfront 342x220 - Your Personal Chef

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