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10 ‘Gram-Worthy dishes you need on your feed ASAP

We all know that good food is all about the flavour and texture, but some dishes are just TOO good not to share on your insta feed. From flame-grilled cheese foam to fresh and colourful sushi to steamy hot pots and gooey matcha custard, Sunnybank is filled to the brim with dishes that will give your followers major food FOMO. To help you hunt down the ultimate #foodporn pic, we’ve compiled a list of our top 10 most ‘gram-worthy dishes. Got your phones ready?

milk tea softserve 2 min

1. Roasted Crème Brûlée Milk Tea

This majestic creation from Sunnybank’s Heeretea is a must for your insta feed. Bubble tea aficionados head to this bespoke tea bar to treat their tastebuds to its infamous roasted crème brûlée milk tea – it’s a combination of brown sugar pearls with a hearty dose of cheese foam and a flame grilled brûlée top. Grab your phone and get a snap of this bubble tea beauty and you’ll see the likes coming in quick.

gram worthy simmer pot min

2. Simmer Pot

Need some extra food content for your socials? The team from Simmer Huang serve up an incredible feed that is cooked in front of you on your table – talk about perfect insta stories! The ever-popular restaurant creates a contemporary version of the traditional Chinese hot pot – think of it like Asian fondue, just replace the chocolate and cheese with fresh meat and handmade noodles. Once you’ve chosen your hot pot, staff will come to your table and start assembling layers of seasoned fresh meat and vegetables into a modern induction cooker in front of you. You’ll get the perfect shots as the hot pot simmers away in front of you, or when the chef spins and stretches out their signature fresh noodles by hand and adds to your hot pot.

Simmer Huang
gram worthy sashimi platters min

3. Sashimi platters

Love posting pictures of fresh and healthy food on your insta? Then make sure you put Sunnybank’s Hana Zushi on your must-visit list. Head to the Japanese restaurant and treat yourself and your insta followers to the freshest sushi and sashimi on the market in addition to other Japanese classics, such as tempura prawns, chicken karaage, hot pots and steaming bowls of udon noodles. Don’t leave without getting a snap of their deluxe sashimi platter filled with raw salmon, tuna, kingfish, snapper and scallops.

Hana Zushi
gram worthy brownie min

4. Sizzling Chocolate and Almond Brownie

It sizzles, it’s sweet and even has ice cream – all your instagram dreams will be satisfied with the Chocolate and Almond Brownie from Sunny Park’s Southside Bistro. This sizzling chocolate and almond brownie is served with butterscotch ice cream, macadamia praline and topped with caramel popcorn and chocolate fudge sauce. The indulgent dessert is served on a hot plate, so when the fudge sauce is poured the whole dish steams and bubbles, so you’re sure to get the perfect vid for your insta stories.

Southside Bistro
gram worthy hot cakes min

5. Hot Cakes

Want to get food envy in a single snap? Then head to Sunnybank’s Hot Cake House and order as many hot cakes as you can handle. The eatery specialises in these iconic Taiwanese and Japanese sweet speciality called imagawayaki. Crispy and chewy on the outside with sweet warm gooey filings on the inside, these drool-worthy hot cakes are too good to resist. Insta photo musts? You can’t leave without getting a snap of their oreo, Belgian chocolate, matcha tea custard and strawberry custard hot cakes.

Hot Cake House
gram worthy sushi burger min

6. Sushi Burger

We’ve all seen burger shots scattered across our insta feeds, but have you ever seen a sushi burger pic? Head to Sunnybank’s Mos Burger and order one of their infamous sushi burgers that’s made using a grilled rice and quinoa bun instead of the traditional bread roll. Inspired by yaki onigiri (Japanese grilled rice balls), Mos Burger’s sushi burgers are stuffed with fillings like seafood tempura, bbq beef or smoked salmon and avocado. Yum!

MOS Burger
gram worthy hotpot min

7. Hot Pot

The dishes at Seafood Hot Pot Buffet will give plenty of colour to your insta feed and plenty of flavour to your tastebuds. Upon entering, each person pays a set price and then has two hours to eat as many delicious hot pot additions and sides as they can. After choosing from seven different broth flavours, the soup is brought to your table and placed on the embedded electric stove, which is in front of each seat. As your soup bubbles away, it is time to choose your hot pot additions. The restaurant’s fridges and shelves filled with a wide variety of fresh ingredients, condiments and spices to add to your hot pot. Think eggs, offal, sliced meats, dumplings, poultry, tofu, fungi, green veggies, meatballs, fish, crab meat, noodles and much, much more.

Seafood Hot Pot Buffet
gram worthy croissant min

8. Caramel Custard Croissant

Want to give your followers serious food FOMO? Then fill your insta feed with all things buttery and fluffy from Le Boulangerie Amour Fou. The pastry gurus from the bakery create an incredible croissant with flavours from peanut custard, almond, chocolate chip and ham and cheese. No visit to the bakery is complete without delving into their caramel custard croissant. It’s an unbeatable combination: gooey salted caramel, crunchy slivered almond and buttery fluffy pastry. Don’t forget to get a snap before you take a bite!

gram worthy ramen min

9. Smokey Champion Ramen

If instant noodles are filling up your insta stories at lunchtime, then it’s time for an upgrade. Head to Sunny Park’s Ramen Champion and order a steaming bowl of ramen. The restaurant serves up a range of modernised ramen, turning the traditional buttery, salty noodle soup of Japan into something extra special. And must try dishes? The Smokey Champion made with their special smokey pork broth and topped with flame grilled pork slices, nori, half an egg, spring onions and bean shoots. Or order the Black Champion made with their special pork broth and topped with flame grilled pork slices, nori, half an egg, spring onions, bean shoots and garlic sauce.

Ramen Champion
gram worthy eight treasure shaved ice min

10. Eight Treasure Shaved Ice

If there was one food shot needed for your insta feed – this is it! Hugely popular in Taiwan, shaved ice is a dessert you need to try ASAP. Sunnybank’s newbie Sugar Sweet Station serves the shaved ice dessert that’s made with a large mound of ice shavings and topped with sugar syrup and a huge array of different toppings such as taro balls, sago, grass jelly, mango popping, peanuts and condensed milk. Our pick? You can’t go past their Eight Treasure Shaved Ice that’s topped with tapioca pearl, pineapple, red beans, taro mash, mung beans, sweet potato, peanuts and barley.

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