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3 Kingdoms

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Spice fiends, rejoice! You can get the mother of all spicy hot stock pots at 3 Kingdoms.

Tucked away in Sunnybank Plaza’s food court, 3 Kingdoms creates maocai – a punchy Sichuan soup that is stewed with dozens of rare spices and a hearty stock. 

Legend has it that the stew-like dish originated in the State of Shu during the Three Kingdoms Period, which is Chengdu today. Maocai has evolved and improved from generation to generation, and has now become a very savoury, appetising and nutritious Sichuan dish.

In Sichuan, maocai is typically served personalised with whatever you like, but 3 Kingdoms makes things simple and after you choose your protein, they’ll chuck a bunch of other things in there for you. Order the beef, lamb, chicken or fish maocai, or go for the classic option which is 3 Kingdoms’s signature maocai. The signature dish is made with a combination of fresh beef, fish, coriander, meat balls, sausage, seafood stick as well as different types of veggies, plus steamed rice. A concentration of beef, chicken and pork bones, the maocai broth features 30 different spices and is simmered daily for 8 to 10 hours. The maocai broth is traditionally spicy, but 3 Kingdoms lets you choose your heat level from minus mild, mild, medium, hot, or for the brave there’s extra hot. 

Along with maocai, diners can order other various Sichuanese dishes, including marinated beef noodles, sweet potato noodles and Sichuan-style side dishes like marinated trotters and Sichuanese tofu. 

Popular Dish

Braised beef noodles

Challenge Dish

Beef with rice noodles

Signature Dish

Signature maocai

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Shop 115B, Sunnybank Plaza
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