Chinese New Year Event 2018

Program of Events

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Lunar New Year Rooftop Party

Join us for our Lunar New Year Rooftop Party, with lots of fun for the whole family!

Visit our pop up Asian laneway, including an art gallery, tea house, beauty salon, games den and workshops on calligraphy, children’s lantern making, percussion workshops and more.

PopAsia’s Andy Trieu will present traditional dance and music acts on stage, including a K-pop dance performance and dance workshop; plus don’t miss our traditional Lion and Dragon dance performances and lantern parade.

We’ll also have a delicious menu on offer from all your Sunnybank favourites, and a themed dining space to enjoy it in.

The fun will continue as the sun goes down, with a screening of Studio Ghibli film, ‘Princess Kaguya’, followed by a spectacular fireworks show to finish the party with a bang.

This is set to be the celebration of the season!

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Lion Dance and Kung Fu

One of the most popular features of any Chinese New Year celebration is the Lion Dance.  When done well, the dance is said to bring good fortune, prosperity and longevity to wherever it is performed. We welcome Master Chen and the Southern Shaolin International Wushu Academy, one of Brisbane’s most renowned Lion Dance and Kung Fu groups, to help us welcome in the Year of the Dog 2018 and showcase these awe inspiring skills.

Lion Dance performances will be on show each day commencing outside Hoyts Cinemas at 10.30am, with Kung Fu demonstrations also included at weekend performances.  Following each performance the fabulous Lion Dance will continue throughout the Centre and customers are encouraged to follow the Lions along their path.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is the gentle art of health and well-being for people of all ages and health conditions.  Come and see demonstrations by the International Wushu Tai Chi Academy in the Sunnybank Plaza Foodcourt during our Chinese New Year celebrations.

Dragon Dance

The traditional Dragon Dance combines the unique colour, sound and spirituality of Chinese culture in a spectacular physical performance. Demonstrating strength, agility, concentration and rhythm, highly skilled dancers bring a colourful fabric and bamboo dragon to life. See the world renowned Dragon Dance team from Lam Tu Luan Kung Fu School perform their multi-award winning dance during the Chinese New Year celebrations at Sunnybank Plaza.

Chinese Calligraphy & Try-It-Yourself

Chinese calligraphy has been around for over 2000 years and is one of the highest forms of Chinese art. Calligraphy Master Eric Lin has been practising this art form for over 40 years, winning many prestigious awards for his skills.  Have your special Chinese New Year message scribed by Master Lin as a treasured memento of this year’s Sunnybank Plaza celebrations.  Eric’s team will also be running a ‘try-it-yourself’ station, where you can experience this beautiful artform first hand.

Ice Carving

Come and see the professional carvers from Ice Art transform a 1 metre high, 140kg block of ice into a detailed Chinese New Year sculpture in front of a live audience.  Using a combination of chainsaws and chisels, the sculpture takes between one and two hours to complete and will last up to four hours.

Fruit and Vegetable Carving & Workshops

Watch on as our talented craftsman, demonstrates the ancient art of fruit and vegetable carving, transforming every day fruit and vegetables into colourful works of art! Or join in on one of our workshops, only $15 to try it for yourself. Bookings essential.

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Feng Shui Consultations

Discover the secrets of Feng Shui during a personal consultation with Feng Shui Master Tom Lo.  Benefit from Master Tom Lo’s 40+ years experience and have all your questions answered about this popular philosophy for good health and prosperity.  Consultations are at the special price of only $5 for 5 minutes with Master Tom in celebration of the Year of the Dog.

Children’s Craft Workshops

Kids, join in to paint and decorate your own mask for the Year of the Dog! Workshops will run for approximately 45 minutes each. Limited places – bookings essential.

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Noodle Making Demonstrations

In China, making “hand-pulled” noodles is an art. The freshly made dough is folded and twisted repeatedly until eventually it is transformed into long, thin, noodles. In some places it is still possible to watch vendors make hand-pulled noodles, however most noodles are now made by machine. Watch on as our Master Chef Sam demonstrates this ancient culinary skill live at Sunnybank Plaza.  Some lucky audience members will also be given the chance to try the technique under Sam’s guidance.

Cultural Handcraft Demonstrations

Visiting artists from the Australian Asia Art Network Association, will demonstrate a wide variety of authentic handcrafts, painting and children’s toy making, with some beautiful creations available for sale. Don’t miss the chance to to learn more about these fascinating cultural traditions.

Art, Craft and Cultural Displays

The friendly team from the Taiwan Women’s League will be displaying and demonstrating a range of traditional arts and crafts in celebration of the Year of the Dog. They will be transforming plain paper lanterns, masks and fans into beautiful works of art.  With games to play, face painting and souvenirs for sale, make sure you drop by and visit for some Chinese New Year fun.

J Percussion Music School

Using a variety of instruments including xylophones, drums, tambourines and glockenspiels, the J Percussion group will present a number of songs in celebration of Chinese New Year live in the Sunnybank Plaza Foodcourt.

Traditional Costume Mini Photo Studio

Take home a special souvenir of our ’Year of the Dog’ celebrations.  Visitors will have the opportunity to be photographed in traditional Chinese and Taiwanese costume at our mini photographic studio.  A variety of outfits will be available for you to try on free of charge, with souvenir 5”x7” photographs available for purchase from $10 or take home your entire photo shoot on USB for only $20.

Chinese Silk Embroidery & Workshops

Master Artist Jenny Gao, founder of the Xiu Zhen Ge Centre of Embroidery, will be returning for this year’s Chinese New Year celebrations.  Jenny will be demonstrating the ancient art of Chinese Embroidery which she has practised for over 20 years. As one of the oldest needlework styles, Chinese embroidery has a history dating back 2000 years.

We invite you to join in on one of Jenny’s hands-on workshops to embroider your own beautiful necklace. There will be two workshops held daily at a cost of $20 per person. Bookings essential.

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AusOriental Orchestra

The Sound of AusOriental Orchestra, is a group of local musicians who have come together for the joy of music.  This non-profit group specialises in oriental music and aims to use music as a means to bring people of all nations together to promote tolerance and harmony in a culturally diverse society. We welcome the group to this year’s Sunnybank Plaza Chinese New Year Celebrations.