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The Cube Hot Pot

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Want a hot pot hotspot? Behold The Cube Hot Pot, the all-you-can-eat Chinese restaurant that lets you delve into a choose-your-own sizzling hot pot adventure. 
Of all of China’s many dining trends perhaps the most loved is the humble hot pot. You can treat your tastebuds to the delectable soup at The Cube Hot Pot – but make sure you bring a big appetite. 

For under $30, you can indulge in the restaurant’s all-you-can-eat hot pot buffet. You start by choosing your soup broth, there’s a spicy Sichuan-style soup or a simple pork and chicken broth (or you can order both). Staff bring the soup and put it in the middle of each table. It’s just liquid – there’s no meat, vegetables, or seafood in it.

Next is the most bewildering part – the soup ingredients. You can order as many hot pot additions as you like for two hours of culinary bliss. You’ll find more than 100 ingredients, including wagyu beef, scallops, chunks of Chinese cabbage, quail eggs, fish dumplings, whole prawns, Sichuan pickles, corn, assorted mushrooms, tofu, seaweed and more. 

The restaurant’s Chinese head chef George slow cooks the broths for at least six hours, using high quality chicken and pork bones as well as 30 different herbs and spices. 

To fully customise your soup to your individual taste, you can add up to 20 different sauces, including seafood, shabu shabu, spicy and soy garlic sauce. As well as the put-whatever-you-want hot pot, the buffet includes cold dishes, which change weekly. Previous dishes have been Sichuan chicken, cucumber salad and a crab dish.

Popular Dish

Sichuan chilli broth

Challenge Dish


Signature Dish

Chicken and pork broth

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Shop 90C, Sunnybank Plaza
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