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Winter warmers: top soups you must try this winter in Sunnybank

Feeling cold? Winter is the perfect time to sit down to a piping-hot bowl of soup. Whether you’re craving a bowl of traditional Japanese ramen or wanting to slurp a hot-numbing zing of Sichuan broth, one thing is for sure: Sunnybank doesn’t fall short of tasty and nourishing soups. Here are five of the best bowls of lucious soup you can find at Sunnybank that are guaranteed to warm you this winter.

winter HakatayaRamen 59


Want to delve into one of Brisbane’s most authentic bowls of ramen? Sunnybank’s Hakataya Ramen is a mecca for serving the traditional Japanese noodle soup. Step into the small buzzing venue and you’ll be transported to the laneways of Tokyo with its busy chefs stirring noodles, pots bubbling with pork broth and dozens with their heads down slurping their way through bowls of ramen. Take a low stool and slurp up their cream coloured broth loaded with handmade wheat and egg noodles and slices of melt-in-your mouth char siu pork belly. Want to know the reason behind Hakataya Ramen’s cult following? Their pork broth is boiled for 48 hours and stirred every hour to extract a remarkable depth of flavour. Purists go for the Nagahama Ramen, but we recommend trying the Miso Spicy-Men, which is made with the addition of chilli and fermented bean paste.

Hakataya Ramen
winter 3kingdoms 02


Want to try the mother of all stock pots? Then get your chopsticks into a bowl of maocai. Tucked away in Sunnybank Plaza’s food court, Sichuan eatery 3 Kingdoms creates maocai – a punchy soup that is stewed with dozens of rare spices and a hearty stock. In China, maocai is typically served personalised with whatever you like, but 3 Kingdoms makes things simple and after you choose your protein, they’ll chuck a bunch of other things in there for you. Order the beef, lamb, chicken or fish maocai, or go for the classic option which is 3 Kingdoms’s signature maocai. The signature dish is made with a combination of fresh beef, fish, coriander, meat balls, sausage, seafood stick as well as different types of veggies, plus steamed rice. A concentration of beef, chicken and pork bones, the maocai broth features 30 different spices and is simmered daily for 8 to 10 hours.

3 Kingdoms
winter HappyBowlVietnameseKitchen 09


It may not be hard to find a bowl of steaming pho in Brisbane, but Happy Bowl’s noodle soup stands out for its rich, mellow flavour and beautiful balance. The elements that make a great pho (fragrant broth, tender meat and silky noodles) is what keeps patrons coming back to the Sunnybank restaurant. The beef pho is a crowd favourite. Fresh handmade noodles and thinly sliced beef float in a delicious broth flavoured with star anise and a variety of other aromatics. Drizzle your phở with chilli and fresh lemon and top with bean sprouts and Vietnamese mint.

Happy Bowl Vietnamese Restaurant
winter Zencorner 21

Wonton noodle soup

The only thing better than juicy wonton dumplings is when they’re served in a steaming bowl of broth and noodles. Sunnybank restaurant Zen Corner creates this popular Hong Kong dish, which features a fragrant and delicate chicken, pork and dried fish broth, egg noodles and juicy wontons filled with succulent minced prawn, pork and fish roe. The soup is topped with strips of egg omelette, seaweed and shallots. Zen Corner’s famous broth is made from scratch in-house each day and is boiled for 10 hours to extract the perfect flavours. Their mouth-watering wontons are handmade by chefs each morning.

Zen Corner

A world of Asian flavour sensations awaits you!

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