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Ten under 10: The best things to eat at Sunnybank for $10 or less

If you’re convinced it’s hard to eat out without breaking the bank – think again. For just a tenner, you can eat delicious Asian dishes at Sunnybank. From steaming curries to delicious dumplings and burgers, there’s plenty of hidden gems where you can nab a bargain, so don’t go stocking up on Mie Goreng noodles just yet. To help you keep both your stomach and wallet happy we’ve rounded up some of our favourite cheap eats you can find at Sunnybank.

10 MOSBurger 07 (1 of 1)

Wagyu Burger

What’s better than a juicy beef burger? A wagyu beef burger! And MOS Burgers’ creations have to be hands down some of the most mouthwatering burgers Brisbane has to offer. The burger joint has garnered cult status for delivering American-style burgers with a Japanese twist. For just ten bucks you can get their Tokyo Wagyu burger made using Australian wagyu beef, crispy bacon, fresh tomato, sliced onion, cheddar cheese, baby cos lettuce and topped with teriyaki sauce, mayo, balsamic glaze and American mustard – yum!

MOS Burger
10 davidsnoodle 12 Chongqingstreetnoodles

Chongqing Street Noodles

Spicy noodle soup for only 7 bucks? Yes please. Head to David’s Noodle & Hot Pot and order their Chongqing Street Noodles – a noodle soup that is based around a very simple combination of wheat noodles in a tart, spicy and tingling soup. The dish was first served as a street-side breakfast snack but became so popular that it’s now eaten all throughout the day, all over the world.

David’s Noodle & Hot Pot
10 GoldenDumpling 05 (1 of 1)


Steamed, fried or floating in broth, dumpling lovers will find all their dreams come true for just a few coins at Sunny Park’s Golden Dumpling. The dumpling eatery creates more than 30 different types of dumplings – each bursting with fresh flavours. Whether you fancy them stuffed with minced pork and chives, fresh fish or mushroom and chicken, this restaurant will deliver. Our pick? For just over 5 dollars you can get yourself their pan-fried juicy pork buns – which is filled with juicy and succulent pork. e mint.

Golden Dumpling
10 SushiEdo 36 (1 of 1)

Japanese Sushi

Get more bang for your buck at Sushi Edo, where all sushi plates are only $3.80. Whether you’re into classic tuna nigiri or a modern rolled up spicy chicken maki-style, this is the place to taste a chefs’ years of devoted practice. Don’t leave without trying their Lion King sushi, made with crab meat, avocado, cucumber and topped with seared salmon and cheese sauce. The cheese sauce is made with parmesan cheese and mayonnaise. Before serving, the sushi roll is flame grilled with a torch so the salmon is seared and the cheese sauce melts – it’s delicious!

Sushi Edo
10 Zencorner Hot and sour clear noodle soup

Hot and Sour Clear Noodle Soup

Craving Hong Kong style food? Zen Corner has incredible fare that’s worth a visit to Sunnybank. For less than a tenner you can order their flavoursome Hot and Sour Clear Noodle Soup. This well-balanced dish is made with a pork broth that has been cooked with chilli, vinegar and pickles, which adds the hot and sour taste. It is then combined with glass noodles that’s made from potato starch, and topped with pickles and peanuts.

Zen Corner
10 MrCurry 12 (1 of 1)

Chicken katsu curry

If you like your food authentic but your budget is modest then make sure you head to Japanese hotspot Mr Curry. The bustling food court style eatery doesn’t have an extensive menu of different dishes, but excels in its speciality – the Japanese curry. Dive into their steaming bowl of panko-crumbed chicken katsu curry with rice, which comes topped with crunchy salad and pickled radish and for less than $10 you can get it served along with roasted veggies or chips.

Mr Curry
10 Tokoton 03 (1 of 1)

Beef Udon

Japanese joint Udonya Tokoton is a classic Sunnybank destination for cheap eats. Based on the Japanese udon haunts you’d find on the streets of Tokyo, Udonya Tokoton serves steaming noodle soups, a myriad of traditional toppings and rows of delicious deep-fried goods, and everything on their menu is under $10. Try their beef udon, which is made from a well-balanced and flavoursome soya sauce based fish stock. The stock is filled with traditional Japanese noodles and topped with strips of marinated beef.

Udonya Tokoton
10 hotcakehouse 17 (1 of 1)

Hot Cakes

Put on your comfy pants, you have been warned: when seeing the deliciousness of Hot Cake House’s fare, you will consume more than your fill! The eatery specialises in the iconic Taiwanese and Japanese sweet speciality called imagawayaki. The centuries-old dessert is a popular street snack and is made traditionally by food vendors on the side of the road and at markets. Crispy and chewy on the outside with sweet warm gooey filings on the inside, these drool-worthy hot cakes and Japanese pancakes are too good to resist. For $10 you can get a whole range of different hot cakes. Must tries? The oreo hot cake, the Belgian chocolate hot cake and the green tea and red bean Japanese pancake.

Hot Cake House
10 Landmark 17 (1 of 1)

Yum Cha

Want to get your yum cha fix but living on a budget? Head to Chinese food hotspot Landmark and you’ll discover all your favourite yum cha options. Think steaming Shanghai Pork Dumplings, juicy BBQ Pork Buns and their famous Egg Tarts. You won’t be able to go all out, but you sure can get a couple bamboo baskets filled with delicious dumplings for under a tenner. and red bean Japanese pancake.


A world of Asian flavour sensations awaits you!

Prepare to delight your tastebuds with all the flavours of Asia. With over 60 dining and entertainment options, Sunnybank Plaza and Sunny Park are an authentic Asian food experience like no other.

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