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Hana Zushi

3344 4999

Shop 24/27 Sunny Park, Australia

With a wide variety of sashimi, sushi, hand roll, grilled dishes, noodle, soup and rice dishes available, the menu options are endless at Hana Zushi. Enjoy the stylish modern interior and lively staff, as well as the yummy Japanese cuisine. In Japanese, Hana Zushi means “flower sushi” and this reflects the beautiful presentation of each and every dish on the menu, with the hand rolls looking more like little works of art! It’s these tiny details, along with an emphasis on fresh, quality ingredients that makes Hana Zushi a real winner. A popular menu item and the restaurant’s signature dish, the Fried Ocean King Prawn Roll is a must try. This beautifully presented roll features fresh avocado, mayonnaise, quality prawns and a generous sprinkling of crunchy and oh-so-delicious tempura crumbs!


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