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The Little Cube

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Blending Cantonese and Sichuan-style food, The Little Cube focuses on creating modern dishes that combine classic Chinese ingredients.

For more than a decade, The Little Cube has been serving its authentic and delicious food made with quality ingredients and local produce. Intimate and stylish, the restaurant is decked out in gold tablecloths, wooden chairs, live seafood tanks and traditional Chinese ornaments. On one of the walls is a large painting of a traditional Chinese red door, which represents fortune and happiness.

Once seated, grab the menu, where you’ll find an overwhelming number of mouth-watering possibilities – we’re talking more than 100 different dishes on offer. While classic Cantonese food is littered throughout the menu, the restaurant focuses heavily on serving authentic hot and spicy Sichuan eats. These dishes pack a big punch with bold flavours including garlic, chilli peppers and the unique taste and aroma of the Sichuan peppercorn, while the Cantonese dishes are more subtle in flavour. 

The Little Cube’s kitchen is run by two head chefs, one is Cantonese and the other is from the Sichuan province. This ensures that both Chinese cuisines are prepared authentically. As well as serving traditional dishes, chefs take Chinese flavours and sharpen and refine them for diners. 

Crowd favourites include their popular baked lobster with salted egg yolk, the braised chicken pieces with mushroom and their signature slices of double-cooked pork belly. Cooked to perfection, the pork belly is steamed, stir-fried and combined with other ingredients such as spicy bean paste, garlic and leeks.

Popular Dish

Baked lobster with salted egg yolk

Challenge Dish

Poached fish fillet with Sichuan pickles

Signature Dish

Double-cooked pork belly

Restaurant Information

Shop 92, Sunnybank Plaza
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