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Suncrop Chinese Restaurant

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This Cantonese stronghold has been serving some of Sunnybank’s truest Chinese flavours for more than 20 years. 

Dressed with gold tablecloths and red decor, Suncrop is a restaurant that pays homage to the culinary traditions of China. If you’re wanting to cure your cravings for the traditional and authentic – this is the place to visit. 

In typical Cantonese style, the menu is extensive – think more than 120 different dishes. Using fresh ingredients, chefs create all your lazy susan favourites including their sweet and sour pork, lemon chicken, deep-fried garlic pork ribs and many more go-to classics. Start with a simple hearty bowl of chicken congee, or opt for the addictive sizzling fillet steak with black pepper sauce. 

Locals visit the restaurant for its live seafood, which ranges from lobster sashimi to steamed coral trout and braised Australian abalone. The restaurant’s much-loved specialty is their mud crab, which is chosen from the live tanks and then braised with ginger and shallot sauce. Many love their baked live mud crab which is served with chicken liver pâté, black pepper and butter. 

Other menu musts are their peking roast duck (the meat has maximum juiciness) and their Szechuan chicken fillets that are made with tongue-tingling Szechuan peppercorns. But no matter which you end up choosing, you’re guaranteed to crunch and munch on authentic Cantonese eats at this joint. 

If you’re after a feed on a budget, Suncrop has $9.80 lunch specials daily, which range from hot pots to chicken dishes and vegetable options. Or come one night with friends for a banquet feast. The restaurant has six different banquets, which are made up of various dishes that are designed to be shared amongst the table.

Popular Dish

Sweet and sour pork

Challenge Dish

Deep fried garlic pork ribs

Signature Dish

Ginger and shallot live mud crab

Restaurant Information

Shop 84, Sunnybank Plaza
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