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Sichuan Gourmet

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Explore the depth and variety of Chinese flavours at Sichuan Gourmet, a restaurant that turns the humble skewer into a gastronomic affair.  Blending innovation with traditional Sichuan cooking, the restaurant is best known for its signature dish: chilli-laden hotpot filled with skewers. 

Everything that can be eaten on a stick can be eaten on a stick at Sichuan Gourmet. On one side of the restaurant is a wall of fridges filled with tubs containing a porcupine of bamboo sticks. When you enter, grab a tub and start filling it with skewers of your choice. The range includes tender beef, duck, crab sticks, pork ribs, coriander beef, fish fillets, quail eggs, tripe and lamb brains. For vegetarian options, there are seaweed skewers, tofu skewers and various kinds of mushroom. There are also sweet potato noodles, rice noodles and more. 

After picking your skewers, they are weighed and then passed on to the chef who artfully dunks them into the restaurant’s famous scalding thick pork broth that has been simmering with herbs and spices for 12 hours. They’ll then arrive in a copper bowl filled with the traditional fragrant broth. Once the steaming hotpot with your skewers swimming in it hits the table, grab your chopsticks and start dipping the little morsels of deliciousness into the eatery’s special sauce made with sesame oil, garlic, shallots and black bean paste.

Sichuan Gourmet’s skewers are handmade every morning and you’ll often find ladies skewering offal, meats and veggies in the back of the restaurant. Along with the skewers and hot pot, the restaurant also creates traditional Sichuan dishes like spicy pork trotter noodles, spicy beef noodles and hot and sour potato soup. 

Cool down from your spicy meal with cold jelly topped with roasted peanuts and black sugar, or wet your palette by ordering a Tsingtao beer, plum juice or herbal tea.

Popular Dish

Skewer malatang

Challenge Dish

Sichuan spicy beef noodles

Signature Dish

Hot and sour potato noodles

Restaurant Information

Shop 28A, Sunnybank Plaza
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