Sichuan Deli

A mecca for glorious bowls of malatang, Sichuan Deli is a must for those wanting to delve into the extremely popular hotpot from north-east China.

Step inside this bustling restaurant and you’ll find a myriad of various fresh and preserved Chinese foods ready for choosing. Sichuan Deli is quickly becoming a steadfast destination for locals wanting malatang – a kind of choose-your-own-adventure hot pot that’s extremely popular in north-east China. Think a huge, piping-hot bowl of broth filled with a hearty mix of various cuts of meat, offal, quail eggs and seafood, plus thin slices of crispy sausage, fried tofu, potato and taro root, cabbage, bean sprouts, and noodles, all bobbing in a broth flecked with chilli and Sichuan peppercorn. This is Chinese comfort food at its very best. 

Sichuan Deli specialises in creating this flavour-packed Sichuan hotpot, and serves five different flavours of broth while offering more than 80 different types of food to choose from. There’s mushrooms, noodles, fresh crab, prawns, scallops, Chinese cabbage, crispy sausage, oysters, fried tofu, chicken wings, fried pork, lotus root, taro, corn, beef slices, sliced lamb, chicken heart, quail eggs, tripe and many more. 

When you enter, grab a silver bowl and start picking your soup additions. After choosing your ingredients, the bowl is weighed and then passed on to the chef who artfully dunks them into the restaurant’s thick and rich broth. The five different broth flavours to choose from include Sichuan spicy, sour and spicy, a little spicy, pickled veggies and chicken. Some of the broths are made from beef bones that have been combined with 50 different herbs and spices and simmered for 24 hours or from a whole chicken, duck and seafood that has been cooked overnight. Once the soup hits your table, grab your chopsticks and start devouring.

If you’re not a fan of soup, Sichuan Deli also offers a dry malatang. This means your chosen food is still cooked in the broth, but put in your bowl without the soup and topped with sauce. The restaurant has four different sauces  to choose from, including chilli, spicy and sour, Sichuan pepper and seafood sauce.

While the focus is on serving malatang, there are other excellent offerings including their steamed pork buns, pork knuckle, pumpkin pie and toasted Chinese hamburger.

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