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Lili’s Cuisine

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Tucked away in Sunnybank Plaza’s food court is Lili’s Cuisine, a bustling eatery serving the traditional recipes of China. 

Lili’s Cuisine, a humble Sunnybank eatery with just a takeaway counter and several seats, opened 12 years ago. Since then, it has gathered a huge following of locals who visit for two things: the variety and quality of the food on offer, and how affordable it is. 

The day starts early at the eatery, with chefs preparing all the food fresh every morning. From the dumplings and wontons to pork ribs and chicken teriyaki, all of the food is made in-house. In the back, the kitchen is filled with chefs and kitchen hands marinating meats and stirring aromatic broths. From around 9am, there’s a group of locals out the front peering into a treasure trove of stir-fried filled bain-marie’s. Focusing on serving all the classics you’d get on the streets across the North and South of China, you’ll find an array of different traditional home-style food to choose from. All of the dishes are customisable and feature a combination of different meats and vegetables served with either rice or fried rice. While many choose to order takeaway, if you eat in, you’ll be treated with complimentary homemade egg and seaweed soup.

The menu usually features eight different kinds of vegetables and four different meats. Diners can choose combination dishes from the bain-marie that are filled with teriyaki chicken, steamed pork belly, chilli chicken and sweet and sour pork ribs, as well as stir-fried zucchini with eggs, chilli green beans, chilli potatoes, stir-fried sugarloaf cabbage, broccoli stir-fried with garlic, stir-fried tomato and egg and savoury tofu. Along with combination meals, the eatery also serves other popular menu items, including their beef noodle soup, wonton soup, plain noodle soup, mushroom noodle soup and hot and sour noodle soup. One of the most popular is their dough drop soup, which is made from little handmade flour dough balls that is dropped in a tomato based stock.

However, Lili’s Cuisine is best known for its steamed buns – and they don’t disappoint. The delicious parcels are made from scratch every single day and filled with pork mince and shallots. Based on a traditional Chinese recipe, the buns are so popular the chefs keep the ingredients secret. Locals start ordering the hot steaming buns from early morning, and many buy them frozen to eat at home.

Popular Dish

Steamed buns

Challenge Dish

Dough drop soup

Signature Dish

Steamed pork belly

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Shop 118, Sunnybank Plaza
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