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Korean Chicken &

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If your heart flutters for all things crispy battered, fried and saucy, then make sure Korean Chicken & is on your must visit list. 

Crunchy and crispy on the outside, tender and juicy on the inside, and flavoured with a multitude of different sauces and spices – welcome to Korean Chicken &’s staple offering: the Korean fried chicken. Based on the fried chicken you would typically find on the streets of Korea, Korean Chicken & is the brainchild of brothers Dean and Neo. The duo opened their first Korean Chicken & in 2013 in Woolloongabba to showcase the fried chicken of their motherland, which has been so popular they opened a second store in Sunnybank. 

The restaurant has six different fried chicken options to choose from, including original crispy, honey garlic, soy, sweet chilli and shallots. Or try their popular cheese snowing, which is fried chicken topped with parmesan and a special herb powder.

The chicken is delivered to the restaurant fresh daily, covered in a batter that’s made with 10 different ingredients (onion, garlic, cinnamon and more) before then being deep-fried. The chicken packs an intense crispy crunch, which is thanks to the chefs frying the chicken pieces not once, but twice. The chicken is either served just fried, or covered in Korean Chicken &’s special housemade sauces, including honey garlic, soy garlic and sweet chilli. All of the fried chicken is served with Korean pickled radish.

In addition to the Korean fried chicken, the restaurant also creates k-balls, which are small balls of rice topped with fried chicken, vegetables and special homemade sauce. If you’re after a burger and fries fix, the eatery also creates a fried chicken burger and beer battered chips covered in hot sweet chilli sauce and snowing cheese powder. 

Popular Dish

Sweet chilli fried chicken

Challenge Dish

Soy garlic fried chicken

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Shop 117, Sunnybank Plaza
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