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Huang Taiji

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Serving the most popular street eats of China, Huang Taiji is a must for those wanting to explore the flavours of the East. 

Specialising in the humble chicken breast with rice, locals line up daily to order the restaurant’s specialty. Ask anyone, this is Huang Taiji’s go-to dish. The chicken breast is marinated with renowned traditional Chinese sauce Fuyuji, mushrooms and ginger, then pressure cooked and put in a hot pot and braised to produce a tender and flavoursome masterpiece. Served on a bed of rice with a bowl of complimentary egg and tomato or seaweed broth, it’s Chinese comfort food at its best.

Every day the restaurant is bustling with locals who come to order their food on the go. The restaurant prides itself on serving meals within three to five minutes.

Part of a popular franchise in China, which has more than 2000 restaurants, Huang Taiji serves other popular Chinese eats like braised beef belly, pork ribs, lamb ribs, salmon head and braised tofu. All of their dishes are available in three different levels of chilli. All of the meats and vegetables are prepared daily and are all served with complimentary soup and rice. Need more rice? The restaurant gives free second refills, meaning those who are somehow still hungry after one bowl can do it all again with whatever meat they have left.

Step inside the eatery to find countless bowls of chicken breast and rice being consumed. The restaurant sells about 300 kilos of chicken breast each week, so this is your go-to place if you love chowing down on the beloved bird. Peruse the menu to find other flavoursome dishes to delve into, like Huang Taiji’s wonton soup, beef noodle soup and Beijing noodles. Combine your meal with some sides, like their tofu and spring onions and hot and spicy potatoes, and your feast is ready. 

Popular Dish

Braised chicken breast with rice

Challenge Dish

Braised beef belly with rice

Signature Dish

Braised pork ribs with rice

Restaurant Information

Shop 132, Sunnybank Plaza
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Huang Taiji Shopfront 342x220 - Huang Taiji

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