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Happy Bowl Vietnamese Restaurant

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Whether you’re after a steaming hot phở or silky noodles topped with fragrant herbs, Happy Bowl Vietnamese Kitchen is your go-to for the lively flavours of Vietnam. Blending simplicity and affordability with authenticity, the Vietnamese eatery boasts an array of fresh and flavoursome dishes that attract food appreciators from all over Brisbane. 

The restaurant is the venture of a local Vietnamese family, who noticed that Sunnybank was lacking in their homeland’s cuisine. Although the iconic Sunnybank Plaza was filled with Chinese restaurants among numerous groceries and shops, the family noticed there were no eateries serving authentic Vietnamese food. In 2000, the family decided to open their restaurant, and they have been serving their delicious eats ever since. Step inside the bright and cheerful restaurant you’ll find kaffir lime walls and orange lanterns that reflect the bursting flavours and abundant fresh aromas of Vietnamese cuisine.

The menu is made up of Vietnamese street-eats with a small selection of Chinese dishes. Order one of their authentic Vietnamese dishes and you’ll bite into some of the freshest ingredients including lemongrass, mint and basil leaves. All the typical meat options are available, from chicken to hearty beef, as well as vegetarian alternatives. Crowd favourites are rice paper rolls, pork chops and their lemongrass chilli chicken. Order one of their vermicelli salads, where you can pick from ten different variations of the dish including sliced pork chops, BBQ beef satay and sugar cane prawns. 

Chefs also dish up steaming bowls of phở, which comes in 14 different varieties. To customise your hot bowl of goodness, you can choose your favourite type of noodles including egg, rice, clear or Hokkien noodles. To prepare the popular Vietnamese noodle soup the chefs are dedicated to cooking their stock for 10 hours, which allows the meat to simmer, sweetening the stock and enriching the flavour. Drizzle your phở with chilli and fresh lemon and top with bean sprouts and Vietnamese mint. 

When thirst calls, order one of their popular Vietnamese drip-filtered coffees served with ice and sweetened with condensed milk, or try their three colour dessert made with red beans, green beans, green jelly and coconut milk. 

Popular Dish

Lemongrass chilli chicken with rice

Challenge Dish

Beef Pho

Signature Dish

Vermicelli noodles with pork chops

Restaurant Information

Shop 121, Sunnybank Plaza
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