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Oodles of noodles: Where to find Sunnybank’s yummiest noodles

There are few things more satisfying than grabbing your chopsticks and devouring noodles. Whether they’re drenched in a flavoursome sauce, swimming in a fiery soup or served straight from a hot wok, these thin long strands sure are delicious. We’ve eaten our way through Sunnybank to bring you our list of Sunnybank’s yummiest noodles – enjoy!

Dish Parkland Live mud crab with Ginger and Shallots served with E Fu noodles

Live mud crab with Ginger and Shallots served with E-Fu noodles

No visit to Sunnybank is complete without feasting on luxurious fresh seafood sautéed in Chinese flavours. Head to the popular Parkland Restaurant at Sunny Park and after choosing your live mud crab from their tanks, sit back and wait for the chefs to steam and serve the freshly cooked crab with chopped ginger and shallots. The delicious crab is served on a bed of golden E-Fu noodles, which is a variety of flat Cantonese egg noodles made from wheat flour.

noodles RamenChampion 16 (1 of 1)

Smokey Champion Ramen

Slurp your way through a good bowl of Japanese noodles at Sunny Park’s Ramen Champion. The Tokyo-style eatery serves up a range of modernised ramen, turning the traditional buttery, salty noodle soup of Japan into something extra special. And the must try dish? Don’t leave without trying their Smokey Champion ramen made with their special smokey pork broth and housemade noodles topped with flame grilled pork slices, nori, half an egg, spring onions and bean shoots.

Ramen Champion
noodles Zencorner 10 (1 of 1)

Slow cooked beef brisket noodles

There’s plenty of noodle dishes to choose from at Sunnybank’s Zen Corner, but their slow cooked beef brisket noodles is a definite standout. This dish is made with slow cooked beef brisket topped with sauce, egg noodles and served with steamed greens. This dish comes with a side of broth that can be enjoyed by itself or poured on top of the noodles to create an incredibly flavoursome soup dish. Enough said.

Zen Corner
noodles GoldenLane  prawn vermicelli (1 of 1)

Prawn Vermicelli

Highlighting the traditional dishes of China, Golden Lane is the perfect place to indulge in the authentic flavours of Hong Kong. Their chefs create a stunning vermicelli noodle dish which is made from rice noodles that have been stir-fried with pork mince, chopped vegetables and topped with freshly barbecued whole prawns. This is a not-to-be-missed dish.

Golden Lane
noodles Glamorous Wok Noodles

Glamorous Wok Special Stir Fried Noodles

Inspired by the noodles you can find on the streets of Taiwan, these traditional stir fried noodles are one of our favourites at Glamorous Wok. Wheat noodles are tossed in a wok with slices of marinated beef, vegetables and a special XO sauce. XO sauce is a unique spicy seafood sauce that has an umami flavour. The dish is simple, but hidden within are layers of traditional Taiwanese flavour. Laying claim to some of the most impressive and comprehensive Taiwanese food in Brisbane, the chefs at Glamorous Wok cook up everything from traditional stir fries and noodle soups to fried chicken and bubble tea.

Glamorous Wok

A world of Asian flavour sensations awaits you!

Prepare to delight your tastebuds with all the flavours of Asia. With over 60 dining and entertainment options, Sunnybank Plaza and Sunny Park are an authentic Asian food experience like no other.

You’ll find an extensive choice of dining options including Chinese, Hong Kong style, Taiwanese, Vietnamese, Korean, and Japanese cuisines.

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