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Heat up your winter with these spicy dishes from Sunnybank

Got a soft spot for spicy food? Looking for a meal that gets you a tad sweaty? Crank up the heat this winter with this list of hot spicy dishes, from fiery hotpots to mouth-blazing broths and tongue-tingling fried chicken. If you’re after the spiciest food that Sunnybank restaurants have to offer, then this list is for you. It’s time to turn up the heat!

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Chicken with chilli, garlic and shallots

This dish is made from chicken, chilli, garlic and chopped shallots, which have been stir-fried and topped with a red bean sauce. The dish is traditionally hot and spicy.

Golden Lane
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Chef’s Special Fish Fillet

For heat addicts, we recommend a visit to Fortune Well Sichuan Restaurant. Sichuan cuisine, known worldwide to be extremely spicy, lives up to its reputation at this Sunny Park eatery, which serves plenty of dishes that are fiery yet incredibly flavoursome. The chilli heat dial is turned up on their signature dish, the Chef’s Special Fish Fillet – a porcelain hot pot that’s filled with tender basa fillets that are marinated, boiled and served with a deeply flavoursome broth, hot oil, chilli and lots of Sichuan peppers. It’s perfect for Brisbanites seeking the vivid aromas and chilli flavours of Sichuan food.

Fortune Well Sichuan Restaurant
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Skewer Malatang

This chilli-laden hotpot filled with skewers is a must for all spice lovers. Head to Sichuan Gourmet, a restaurant that turns the humble skewer into a gastronomic affair and order their signature Malatang  bowl. For malatang newbies, the hugely popular Chinese street food is a choose-your-own-adventure hot pot and is perfect for those looking for a fully-customisable soup. Think a huge, piping-hot bowl of broth filled with a hearty mix of various food items and noodles, all bobbing in a broth flecked with chilli and Sichuan peppercorn. At Sichuan Gourmet you can choose from a vast variety of skewers (think meats, seafood, vegetables and more) and then after they are weighed they are passed on to the chef who artfully dunks them into the restaurant’s famous scalding thick pork broth that has been simmering with herbs and spices for 12 hours.

Sichuan Gourmet
Fried chicken 01

Fried Chicken with Sweet Chilli Sauce

Crunchy and crispy on the outside, tender and juicy on the inside, and flavoured with a spicy sweet chilli sauce – this is fried chicken at its very best! Sunnybank’s Korean Chicken creates delicious fried chicken that is dunked in red-hued sweet chilli glaze that is sure to get your mouth watering. Yes, yes – we know what you’re thinking. You can get fried chicken at your local takeaway – but we guarantee you haven’t tried fried chicken until you’ve visited this hotspot. The chicken packs an intense crispy crunch, which is thanks to the chefs frying the chicken pieces not once, but twice.

Korean Chicken &
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Simmer pot

In the belly of Sunnybank Plaza you will discover Simmer Huang, a restaurant that serves simmer pots that are punch-hot and crammed with big flavours. Sink your spoon into one of their popular Assorted Meat and Seafood Simmer Pot, which features a base of butter paste and veggies, topped with prawns, chicken wings, pork ribs, squid and spices for seasoning. The vegetables include thickly chopped celery, onion, carrots, red and green capsicum, sweet potato, garlic cloves, goji berries, dates and topped with fresh coriander. The hot pot is cooked and then topped with Simmer Huang’s “secret sauce” which you can customise the heat level – spicy addicts can choose the “super hot” sauce. 

Simmer Huang

A world of Asian flavour sensations awaits you!

Prepare to delight your tastebuds with all the flavours of Asia. With over 60 dining and entertainment options, Sunnybank Plaza and Sunny Park are an authentic Asian food experience like no other.

You’ll find an extensive choice of dining options including Chinese, Hong Kong style, Taiwanese, Vietnamese, Korean, and Japanese cuisines.

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