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Foodieadam: Experiencing Mui G

WHO –  妹記 Mui G Kitchen

WHAT – Hong Kong Cuisine

WHERE – Located on the outside of Sunny Park Shopping Centre, near Woolworths entrance.

WHY – Onsen Chicken (aka Hainan Chicken) and their build your own noodle bowls.



A dimly lit traditional Hong Kong venue fitted with neon signs & creative artwork (The window art is perfect for an instagram pose)… let’s eat!

When you arrive you are greeted with a menu that looks simple but will divide many people.

PRO TIP: Start with the HK Snacks section FIRST! … and try one of each option (don’t double up until you know what you like lol).

They specialise in two unique dishes.

1. Onsen Chicken – chickens cooked in a low temperature to make them super tender and juicy.

2. Signature Noodle Soup – pretty much build your own noodle bowl. Start with base, choose your spice tolerance (be warned they do serve an Extra Hot for an additions $1 which is as described), vegetables, and then the proteins. However if you are lazy or just hungry… they do have 4 pre-set noodle soups for your convenience.

Perfect for for numbers of diners, whether wanting a comfort meal for yourself or a feast to bring the whole family together. You will not be disappointed by all the options available from Mui G.


“the meat was succulent, the rice was fragrant, and the ginger dipping sauce was ultra tasty. Added bonus that the serving size was also pretty generous.. Winner winner chicken dinner! 😆”


“We love the authentic Hong Kong taste and how much it reminded us of home ❤️

From the fish balls to chicken wings to succulent poached chicken, every dish was packed full of flavour.”


“Tasty noodles and chicken. The highlight is definitely the delicious side dishes that was reminiscent of my previous trips to HK.”