Lunar New Year 2021

Foodieadam: Experiencing 食味 Luo’s Place

WHO – 食味 Luo’s Place

WHAT – Chinese dining restaurant serving Ma La dishes from Sichuan

WHERE – Located on the outside of Sunny Park Shopping Centre, near McCullough Street entrance.

WHY – Unique numbing and spicy dishes, and their charcoal fish which you can customise to your liking with toppings.

You more than likely, never heard of this place and we need to change that.

As you walk through the doors you will smell the aroma of spiciness in the air.
On either side of the restaurant is comfortable booth seating, and large circular tables in the middle.
Then tucked away in the back is a  special VIP closed-off seating, if you want to celebrate a special occasion.

Also to note at the entrance are giant tanks at the entrance where you can see the fresh seafood options.

Oh, and the menu it’s double sided and make sure you circle heaps!

NOTE: You will have to hail waitstaff, but before you know it you will have a table full of delicious food.

Luo s Place   Duck

MAO CAI (Mini Hotpot Roasted Duck)

Originated from Chendu, China this is a flavour explosion of a soup!

The spiciness is lighter than you may think, but the flavour of the soup base is strong. The portion is still quite large, usually 2-3 people eat a small portion and then take another portion of other meat dishes.

Just a word of caution, there is bone attached to the duck. So make sure to eat around it lol.

Luo s Place   Charcoal Fish


This incredible dish… is like a hotpot for fresh fish.
You choose the fish, spice level & numbness (amazing) level, the flavouring, and the add-ons (like quail eggs, tofu, seafood, and so much more).

The numbness is a mouth sensation that will make your tongue tingle for a bit. 🙂

Needless to say can enjoy a large amount of variety with this perfectly cooked fish.

Luo s Place   Fried Rice with Sausage


Honestly, it should be illegal to eat any form of Chinese food without fried rice.

The Chinese sausage adds a nice sweetness to the already delicious meal making it even more irresistible.

Luo s Place   Eggplant


Crispy eggplant covered in a sticky sweet, sour, savoury and slightly spicy sauce. A signature Sichuan dish that turns eggplant haters into eggplant lovers.

JUST TRY IT: I know, I know… it’s vegetables but it is soo good!


“I can assure you that it’s super tasty and if you love eating fish, this is one dish you’ll definitely want to bang!”


“I love a good duck.
I loved that it wasn’t too spicy but really tasty!”


“I could eat this fish every day and not get bored.
I am already thinking of the next flavour I want to try next. 😂”