Lunar New Year 2021

Foodieadam: Experiencing 千里香私房菜The Little Cube

WHO – 千里香私房菜 The Little Cube

WHAT – Cantonese and Sichuan-style food

WHERE – Located on the outside of Sunnybank Plaza, next to Hello Fresh World.
You’ll see the neon sign from Mains Road.

WHY – For an overwhelming number of delicious Cantonese cuisine and authentic hot & spicy Sichuan food.


Many see this incredible restaurant from the road with its will lit neon signs, but more need to check this place out!

As you walk in you are greet with a great space with multiple seating styles.
Large circle tables, and booth seating giving you the choice of window or wall side.

The menu may be a little overwhelming for the first visit if you do not know what to expect, but the staff are very helpful with recommending dishes based on what you like.
Highly recommend trying something out of your usual just to get a taste of what they offer.
If you love seafood they have a large selection of freshly locally sourced fish and crabs in their tanks as well.

Let’s eat!

Little Cube 7


This fish is shallow-fried until super crispy and then drizzled with a rich and aromatic sauce that is loaded with colourful peppers.

It’s a perfect dish to serve at your dinner party. Each section of crispy fish is so enjoyable it’s hard to stop!

Little Cube 2


Cumin lamb, when done properly, is very addictive! (and these are exactly that)

The lamb cubes are crispy on the surface and buttery tender inside. They are coated in a bold spice mix that includes cumin powder, chilli pepper, and Sichuan peppercorns. Tossed in a fragrant oil with plenty of aromatics such as ginger, garlic, and onion, the lamb comes out like a flavour bomb that explodes in your mouth.

Little Cube 4

DanDan Noodle

One of the most famous of Sichuan street foods. The freshly boiled thin noodles are served in a savoury, spicy sauce topped with crispy pork and peanut flakes.

In Sichuan restaurants in China, the dan dan noodle dish is more of a snack than a main and is usually served in a small bowl.

Little Cube 8


Fresh from the tank daily, and you can just taste the freshness in these crabs!



“I throughly recommend getting together with a group and going all out for this one. Get around the Sichuan noodles — they’re cheap and tasty and definitely hit the spot, followed by the fried green beans which are laden with garlic, yum! I’d happily scoff the stir fried cumin lamb or braised beef brisket and potato again, but for me, this crab was the star of the show! Saucy, messy and super tasty!”


“Some of the most tasty dishes. They know how to use flavouring!


*mmmm* -as they eat the sauce chilli mud crab