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Experience Sunnybank every day of the week

Who doesn’t love eating out? Regardless of what food and flavours you crave, everyone can agree that dining out is one of life’s greatest joys. So why just wait for the weekend? Stop doing the dishes and spoil yourself by eating your way through Sunnybank every day of the week. From steaming bowls of ramen and stir fries fresh from the wok to mouthwatering dim sum and burgers washed down with bubble tea – you can delve into something new and exciting from Monday to Sunday at these top notch Sunnybank restaurants and eateries.

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It’s Monday – the day we pledge to make healthy choices and repent on all of our eating sins of the weekend.

So gather your mates and head to Sushi Edo and feast on fresh sushi and sashimi. Whether you’re into classic tuna nigiri or a modern rolled up spicy chicken maki-style, this is the place to taste a chef’s years of devoted practice. And the best part? All plates are only $3.80.

If sushi isn’t your thing, then slurp your way through a good bowl of Japanese ramen at Sunnybank’s Ramen Champion. The restaurant serves up a range of modernised ramen, turning the traditional buttery, salty noodle soup of Japan into something extra special. And the must try dish? The Smokey Champion is made with the restaurant’s special smokey pork broth and topped with flame grilled pork slices, nori, half an egg, spring onions and bean shoots.

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If you’re after a quick and easy bite for your Tuesday but still want to delve into a flavoursome dish, then make sure you put David’s Noodle & Hot Pot on your must-visit list. The eatery serves the exquisite flavours of the Xinjiang region, found in the north western region of China. Options include beef brisket noodle soup, stir-fried noodles with lamb and chongqing street noodles. Along with serving a menu filled with delicious Xinjiang eats, David’s Noodle & Hot Pot also serves mala tang – a kind of choose-your-own-adventure hot pot that is hugely popular in north-east China.

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It’s hump day. Nothing beats the midweek blues quite like indulging in burgers and bubble tea. Head to Mos Burgers and order an American-style burger with a Japanese twist. Think wagyu and wasabi blended with cheese and sautéed onions – delish! Feast your greedy chops on their chicken teriyaki burger made with chicken thigh that has been grilled directly over a flame and basted in a soy sauce marinade. The result? A very juicy and tender burger worth getting your hands around.

Wash down your delicious burger with one of Chatime’s famed hand-shaken iced teas. Brewed fresh in-store and with countless flavour combinations to taste, bubble tea aficionados head to Chatime to order their favourite teas. And what makes Chatime’s drinks so great to slurp? They are all freshly made to order and are hand-shaken for about 15 seconds by staff to create bubbles that add to the texture and flavour of the tea. Our faves? The classic milk tea with pearls, matcha red bean and their grapefruit green tea.

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Want the perfect date night? Nothing says love quite like sharing the same dish, and there’s no better place to share a big hot pot than Simmer Huang. Head out for a lavish dinner that’s full of flavour at this restaurant, which is renowned for creating a unique version of the traditional Chinese hot pot. You order one of two ways: Either build a DIY hot pot and pick your own ingredients from a selection of meats and seafood, or choose one of their preselected combos. All of their simmer pots feature a base of butter paste and veggies, with the main protein on top and spices for seasoning. They also feature Simmer Huang’s special secret sauce and their signature fresh noodles that are made by hand.

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Celebrate the end of the working week with a feast at Vietnam Corner. Paying homage to authentic Vietnamese food plus offering Cantonese dishes, this is one restaurant not to be missed! A steadfast destination for locals, the extensive menu has all your favourites like their lemongrass chicken vermicelli noodle salad topped with crunchy spring rolls or their steaming beef noodle soup. Our pick? Try their flavoursome deep-fried pork ribs with salt and pepper. End your Friday night with a sweet dessert at Southside Bistro – trust us, you won’t be disappointed! Order their sizzling matcha and white chocolate brownie or their mango and espresso tiramisu that’s topped with toasted almonds, macadamia brittle, mascarpone and ice cream.

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The start of the weeknd calls for one thing – a late morning yum cha! Head to Sunnybank icon Landmark and start feasting from 11am. Between the handmade dumplings, steaming pork buns, crispy skin duck and flowing jasmine tea, it’s easy to see why Landmark is known across Brisbane as the go-to for the quintessential Hong Kong yum cha experience. From prawn dumplings, steamed prawn and pork siu mai, deep-fried squid tentacles to chicken feet in black bean sauce (they’re delicious – trust us), bbq pork and congee, this Hong Kong style restaurant has it all. Landmark’s chefs are also renowned for creating melt-in-your-mouth roast duck with the crispiest skin – delish!

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The week may be nearly over, but there is still plenty of eating to be done! End the week with a seafood feast at Sunnybank’s Golden Lane – one of the mainstays of Brisbane’s Chinese dining scene. Walk into Golden Lane and the first thing you’ll see is a team of chefs stir frying, steaming and sizzling in the kitchen behind the restaurant’s huge glass windows. Their extensive menu allows the diner to explore dishes from various destinations throughout China. Golden Lane’s chefs create a lineup of amazing seafood dishes, which you can choose from their live seafood tanks. Think spanner crabs, lobsters, abalone, prawns and fresh fish. Make sure you order their spanner crab baked with cheese, cream, cracked pepper and butter and roasted with garlic and chilli. Or if you’re after fresh fish, try their coral trout steamed with orange peel, Chinese herbs and chilli. Don’t leave without trying the restaurant’s famous lobster sashimi.